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Tribute to Genesis. All Genesis songs and lyrics (in midi format), here you listen to the music and sing along to the lyrics. Plus the Genesis fonts and desktops (icons and wallpapers). The Genesis Jukebox is a place to enjoy the marvelous music of Genesis. Peter Gabriel, Phil Collins, Mike Rutherford, Steve Hackett and Tony Banks had a dream, they made it true, they made a legacy with it. Their songs made a revolution in rock n'roll, they marked an era, and here you can sing-a-long to them. Here you will find all Genesis lyrics and almost all Genesis songs in midi format. Since the beginning Genesis showed much interest in the artwork of their albums. Here we deliver that artwork and make you able to put it wherever you want so you can make your own Genesis memorabilia. Delight yourself with the music and indulge your eyes with the artwork."Play me my song  Here it comes again  Play me my song  Here it comes again" this Musical Box...               ...is ready to roll. • Official Genesis Site • Virgin Records Genesis Site • World of Genesis • The Path - Genesis • Genesis - The Movement • Kim Poor - Genesis Lyrics • Jason Finegan's Genesis Page • The Musical Box tribute band • Regenesis tribute band • The Way We Walk tour DVD has been released in the US. :: peter gabriel :: The remastered album collection has been released and should be getting to the shelves by the end of April. more at PG site» The Rabbit proof fence soundtrack is being released on March 25 in Australia. more at PG site» :: tony banks :: Tony's new album is almost complete and he has asked the fans to give some feedback. more at Genesis site» :: steve hackett :: Outwiting Hitler soundtrack co-written by Steve should be coming up soon. At the momet he's been working on new rock material. more at World of Genesis» :: phil collins :: Phil's new album is almost complete and aiming to release it in november. Rumor has is that he's working on the soundtrack for the sequel to Tarzan. :: mike rutherford :: At the moment is doing some song writting though no album project has yet been confirmed. He has also been locating more genesis archive recordings for possible release..